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post-session debrief 

This session convened on January 11th and ended February 25th. Overall 820 bills and one constitutional resolution passed. There was no budget agreement. Session was reconvened on April 12th to consider the Governor's amendments and vetos. 


Delivering for Fairfax county

  • Double investment for kids mental health services 

  • Increased access to ASL interpreters in courts 

  • Funded the board for people with disabilities 

  • Fought to protect reproductive freedom


HB 2416

  • Making booster seats and other child car restraints tax-free to support our working families

    • Unfortunately, this bill did not pass. I will continue to fight to lower costs for working families. ​

HB 2424
HB 2492
  • Increasing access to interpreters for people who are deaf or hard of hearing in civil proceedings​

    • Signed into law!​

  • Keeps Virginia's Disability Board in compliance with federal guidelines

    • Signed into law!​

updates on my bills

  • HB 2402 - Requires medical examiners to study Sudden Unexpected Death in Epilepsy (SUDEP)

    • The bill did not pass, but members of the Committee pledged to work together to find a solution in a future session. 

  • HB 2473 - Provides a poster listing Veteran's benefits to all employers in Virginia 

    • This bill did not pass, but members of the committee pledged to work with the Department of Labor to ensure access to veterans services and benefits. ​

  • Budget Amendment - $8.4 million in additional funding to the Children's Behavioral Health Services 

    • We are continuing to track this budget amendment through the budget process​

co-patroned bills

HB 2445 - Wholesome Food Donation Tax Credit incentivises farmers to donate surplus food 

This bill with Delegate Bennett-Parker has been signed into law!

SB 1467 - Protecting Vienna's tree canopy by changing the canopy converage requirement to ten years

The bill mandated that the replacement of tree canopy in Vienna will be completed in ten years rather than the previous twenty. 

Senator Petersen's bill was killed on the floor of the House of Delegates by the other side of the aisle. 

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